Back to our regular scheduled programming of Norwegian edits now. Been a few days, but this tech attack from Mons Røisland, Fridtjof Tischendorf, Petter Grøn and Isak Ulstein makes up for the Nordic drought.

Apart from Mons' attempts to sing like Linni Meister, this edit has more high notes than James Brown's live show. Mons' opening volley of a halfcab butter to iguana backflip, bs 720 mute and fs 720 melon, sent to the pits of the landing, sets the tempo for the rest of the edit.

Fridtjof's cab boardslide to frontboard switchup on the world's longest kink rail defies weightlessness. Maybe he's found the cheat code from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater for balance, but in real life. Then there's that part-stoney baloney/part-Len Jorgensen front 7 invert...thing. Heavier than a right hook from Mike Tyson.

The two are joined by Petter and Isak, and there's some tidy skills from them both. This seems to be the school of Norwegian graduates from the World Rookie Tour of the last few seasons. Nice to see the boys not just honing in on competition results, but working on some super tech skills as well.

The boy's have missed a trick with the track though. Should've been Jamie XX's 'I Know There's Gonna Be (Goodtimes)'. In this writers opinion anyway...