Flux Bindings have dropped the first video in a new series called 'Snowboarding to Music' and the title of the series is exactly what you get: killer snowboarding set to good tunes.

The first stop in Flux's new 'Snowboarding to Music' series brings the crew to Boreal, California and unleashes the crew onto the many features that litter the park.

From Scotty Vine's creative approach to hitting features, to Erik Leon's unchained style, to Shaun Murphy's tech, it's not difficult to see that there's some great snowboarding here.

Of course, snowboard tricks set to music is hardly and original idea (in fact, it's about as OG as it gets!) and we like what Flux are going for here. Besides, why fix something if it ain't broke?

Featured riders: Scotty Vine, Erik Leon, Ian Sams, Ryan Tarbell, Yuma Abe, Tyler Lynch, Shaun Murphy, Alex Hereford, Blake Axelson and Zack Wlimot.