Fuck Tijuana, this is the kind of spring tour that we're down with. A roadtrip across the land of a thousand lakes with 4 legends of Euroboarding seems a lot better than beach parties to us.

Taking a trip through Lapland is Markku Koski, Peetu Piiroinen, Ville Paumola, and Janne Korpi; the crème de la crème of Finnish snowboard wielders.

It's that clean and precise snowboarding that stands out above some of the huckers and hopers of the snowboard world. The little nuances carefully placed into the crux of the tricks, that in our opinion, makes these chaps stand out amongst other riders.

Filmed at our Send Off Session in Levi, Finland; Ukkohalla, and a few other places that our keyboard doesn't have the letters for, it's a whirlwind tour of the arctic circle.