Watch as Fat & Furious brothers Abbe and Theo Hjellström finally make their pilgrimage to the snowboarding summer Mecca of Mt Hood and the High Cascasde Snowboard Camp, and bring their well-known creativity to the inclines of the Oregon volcano.

If you're a snowboarder you need to ride Mt Hood in the summer. The place is a blistering hub of core shredding, with a killer setup or two (the HCSC park you have to be a camper to ride but the public park is still tight), pros from all over the planet tearing shit up, and most excellent Cobra Dogs waiting at the bottom to heal your hunger. Though the experience is a little unlike what we're used to in Europe (being in the US, you have to play by some more stringent rules) but nevertheless a summer mission here should be on every rider's bucket list.

As a clearly hyped Abbe says, "We fucking made it to the Holy Volcano & High Cascade! Finally!"

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Actors: Abbe Hjellström, Theo Hjellström, Colton Carroll, Conor Carroll, Markus Östman