Fat & Furious brothers Abbe and Theo Hjellström have been pumping out perhaps the most creative riding from European shores the past few winters. Now, ahead of a fresh new season, they've combined some of their favourite shots from last season's webisodes featureing themselves and their homies, added some unseen footy, and released this 'Back to the Feature' edit. Hammer time!

YOO friends! This is a time travel back to the features that we rode last winter. With all highlights and also some unseen footage from keystone and some other resorts.

Huge thanks goes to Lowe Andersson (No Budget Production) who always trust in us & thanks to Transworld Snowboarding, Neff, Crab Grab.

Part1- Abbe & Theo

Part2- Theodor Hjellström

Part3- Felix Engström & Simon Jacobsson

Part4- Karl-Anton Svensson, Måns Hedberg, Johan Nordhag & Abbe

Part5- Abbe Hjellström

Filmed by: Lowe Andersson

Edit by: Abbe Hjellström

Music in order of appearance:

Love Is To Die- Warpaint

Gouge way- JEFF The Brotherhood

Lord Knows Best- Dirty Beaches

Bouncing Bones- Kno

Lazuli- Beach House