Ethan Morgan's got a new park edit series and it's as fast and loose as the boy himself, as you'll see by checking this epic Episode 1 from Dachstein. The Germerican idiot savant of snowboarding is saving the day one edit at a time!

Episode 1 of Commander Ethan Morgan's intergalactic snowventures.

Here's what Yoda thinks about it: "Edited and mostly filmed by Dört Mon aka Dördy Sanchez, it was. The D-Stone spacefighters (and sometimes also filmers, they are), Commander AJ Morgan Freemanson, Fresh Flocka, Sultan, Pete Diddy, Team Germany, Slashboiii, Anna Gasser (On Skis?!), Lisa Zimmermann (On a Snowboard?!), Heimo, Miak S aka The Don of E-Woks, Snowgirl, Rastamon, Stevie G, Dört Mon aka Dördy Sanchez, Riff Raff Global and of course, the evil imperator, "Special K", together, bring back peace to the galaxy, they will."

Thanks to Monster Energy, Bataleon Snowboards, Switchback Bindings, Planet Sports, Neff Outerwear and Black Eye Lenses for the spacetastic support.

May the Force be with you.