This Norwegian rookie crew brought the heat to the streets last winter...

Here's what rider/editor Kenneth Nygård had to say about the crew and the Don't Watch This! edit...

"We've been going on for a couple years now, I started the crew with some of my friends from Lillehammer back in 2012. After a couple years we meet up with Alexander Klerud, and Jørgen Formo who'd moving to our town for studying purposes, and they were straight away down with the crew. After that we moved in together and made our first movie "Død & Faenskap Filmen"

The "Dont Watch This" edit is a bundle of clips we filmed the last couple years with no goals and meaning, really just for the fun of riding street and filming.

Now we are moving in together in Kvitfjell, we're we are building the park. Really looking forward to this season. We are mostly going to make our good old "Bakkestart" series (park edits). but we will always find time for riding spots, and who knows maybe we will make another full length movie!"


Kenneth Nygård - @keeelso

Anders Karlsen - @urgekongen

Simen Røisehagem - @madcore

Alexander Klerud - @youngkle

Jørgen Formo - @jorgensformo

Emil Mo - @moernpriv