Creativity is of the cornerstones of snowboarding and, as the season wrapped up in Kühtai, Ethan Morgan and a crew of compadres turned their imaginative ideas of pipe reshaping into reality. This is DIYX...

After the lifts had closed for the season in Kühtai, Ethan Morgan managed to convince the Austrian resort to let him and a motley crew of friends run riot with what remained of their superpipe. Anything remotely doable dreamed up by the crew's Augustiner-addled hive mind was to be carved out using a snow cat, chainsaw, shovel or even one's bare hands.

A stellar cast of Euroboarders answered Ethan's call and set about the reshape, before blowing the doors off and sending off the season in style.

"This was my very first event that I held. It was in Kühtai, Austria, and the whole concept was pretty much just a whole crew going to the closed down pipe, and just build in the pipe whatever we wanted to, and the next day we all rode it," says Ethan. "These were two intense days, really fun, good times and lots of beers with all the boys. and thats what DIYX was all about. Thank you to Monster Energy and Northwave Boots for Supporting this event."