We've been keeping a lazy eye, on the Dirty Pimp posse for a while now, and they've broken their summer fasting with this from Snova Shin Yokohama, which is the worlds smallest snowdome, by the looks of it.

What the slope lacks in stature, the riders make up for with some tight and tidy tricks on the bar. That backlip from Masato at about 1:55 in, is enough tae put shivers down ya' spine at the end of the day. Locks into that transfer like a missile.

34 and Karin have got some pretty tidy rail skills as well. Locking into those lipslides so tight, you'd need a protractor to measure the variance in their 90° slides.

Anyway, we don't speak Japanese, but here's the translated text from the video;

Off season began, always, but is from about summer or autumn

Immediately ↑↑ that I went to slip in June

Apartments is, DP Crew of Masato, bizarre, Mi, meteor, Karin

Manat it is supported from BATALEON from this year

READYMADE, Jun'na that is also doing of SNOVA Shin-Yokohama rider

I was taken with this seven.

It was a long time in the room, everyone has been stuck in the good feeling it, you are fascinated in Yappa simple trick

It is It is fun to shoot the child that there is aura (personality).

To begin the season, Nde go slowly up while pooled take is best regards.

This year, who is to or enjoy out on the video.

Riders: Masato, Ryoki, 34, Ryusei, Karin, Manato and Junna