15 years on, and the word 'dirtbag' still takes us back to the 00's classic/abomination Teenage Dirtbag. However, this is more the kind of dirt baggery that we can get down with - featuring Øyvind Fykse, Kristoffer Lerånd, and Sindre Cottis.

The boys are trusted with the esteemed role of keeping the summer park at Folgefonna in shape, and maybe squeezing a few laps in as well. With the park pretty much clogging much of our feeds in June, it's safe to say the chaps did a pretty fine job as well.

Other highlights include throwing snowballs at girls, Sindre's hardway back 1 onto the tube, and the two spine compressing scorpions that would put the fear of God into anyone. It's basically really good shit.

Every year we are a bunch of guys working as shapers

at Folgefonna in the summertime. It's the best time with the

best dudes!

We are responsible for the park and make sure its stays sick

the whole summertime. And the park was dope for sure. We won

the award "best park in Norway" at the snowboard awards a

few weeks back. And here u got a edit from some of the shred the

summer 2015. Watch and enjoy.