In some sort of strange Todd Richards 'blind McTwist' homage, the Different Direction crew organised a race that did exactly what their name implies. They've blindfolded some riders and sent 'em down a mountain to see in which direction they end up. Bit of a spoiler; they end up in different ones.

With no drunk Josh Dirksen to guide them into the transition, there's no spine pulverizing crashes, but it is damn funny. The edits remind us a little of the Protest 'Jokers' series where they drew different challenges from a hat. Sadly, there's no snowblower action in this one, although we wouldn't rule it out for any future episodes.

Featuring the likes of Marco Feichtner, Sebi Geiger, Thomas Feuerstein, Christian Geiger, Joris Doorn, Lukas Ellensohn, Bob Van Unnik and Alex Fischer getting physical on the streets of Europe - it's a lovely wee glimpse into the life of the different direction.

From the DD crew:

In the seconde episode of our "friends on a mission" series Fuego and Sebi Geiger had to race against each other without seeing anything. One of the funniest things we've ever seen. With Lukas Ellensohn and Joris Doorn we had some really good friends of us as guest riders for this episode.