Holy smokes! Check out some of Will Lavigne and Phil Jacques' footage that will not be making it into the new two year Deja Vu project exploding onto your computer screens fall 2015. If this won't be making it in what the heck will?

We're hyped beyond words for the new Deja Vu movie dropping next fall and we find it hard to believe that the crew have already stacked the kind of footage that would make up the lion's share of most other riders main parts. yep, for these guys, being just good simply isn't enough.

Take a look at this b-roll footage of Will Lavigne and Phil Jacques and you'll see what we mean. It features some heavy gaps to rails, technical switch ups and some truly progressive spots that will have you pining for the full release next winter.

It begs the question: if this is b-roll, what the hell is the a-grade stuff going to be like?