Check out some of the Czech republic's finest throwing hammers in the K2 Freestyle Area in Vitkovice (aka Weedkovice...).

There may not have been a whole lot of snow to play with this winter but this czech crew definitely made the most of it. Watch Stepan Rokos, Tomas Cisar, Hofajz, Chorche, Lukas Halouzka, Michal Chudej, Migga, Lukas Bendak, Honza Havlicek and Martin Kolarik put down some fun tricks in their local park and read what Martin had to say about the edit below:

We have been working on this edit for the last couple weeks on the last bits of snow. We got more than 20 gb of stomped tricks footage so it was pretty hard to choose only the best ones. But we might make a leftover edit so it's all good. Even though everyone talks shit about the weather and the lack of snow we still managed to have a great time and this season was actually one of the best we ever had. It was warm, sunny, slushy, good park, great people from all over the country who put their heart into riding and inspired all of us so much! We hope you guys will like this edit because we do it in our free time, with no budget, only of pure love for snowboarding. - Martin Kolarik