Another fine instalment from Almo Film's latest video project hits the internet's airwaves, as the boys go full Frenchie.

The third chapter of Almo's Cretins des Alpes / Happy Go Lucky project sees a crew of Mat Crepel, Jorn Simen Aaboe and Seb Konijnenberg hit up a hip with history, which leads into some Sylvain Bourbousson vintage footage, bringing us nicely to Sylvain ripping Avoriaz last season with Valerian Ducourtil and Johann Baisamy.

Produced by: Almo Film

Principal Cinematography: Ben Nardini, Evan Rouillard, Morgan Le Faucheur

Editing: Ben Nardini, Le Faucheur Morgan

Artwork by: David Tchag

Music Supervision: Alex Nebout, Morgan Le Faucheur