Take a look at one of the coolest skate-inspired contest setups we've seen for a while at the 2015 Red Bull All Snow event at Mount Snow.

There may be a lot of hype around a certain Red Bull pipe contest right now, but that's not the only place where creative contest setups are being constructed and ripped to shreds.

The 2015 Red Bull All Snow went down last weekend and Mount Snow and after days of shaping time from the park crew, brought one of the sickest skatepark-inspired courses we've seen in a long time.

Watch the locals rip the bowls, channel gap, jib features and more, and marvel at the infinite lines that it looks like you can take through this thing.

It may not have the same rider start list as the Double Pipe, but it's so sick to see park shapers stepping up their game and creating parks that are as innovative and fun to ride as this one.

More of this please!