A few weeks back we posted the teaser for the CoPele Snowboard Jib Session, held in Zvolen, Slovakia. More than a few of Europe's core crew made the journey over the iron curtain to get involved with the local crews and riders.

The setup looked pretty damn sick; we wonder who built that stairset, and whether it can be borrowed for birthdays, weddings, or other such celebrations? It looked like the weather held for the session, and when the last shovel of slushy ice mixture melted away, these were the results:


1. Tomáš Císař (CZE)

2. Wojtek Pawlusiak (POL)

3. Žiga Rakovec (SLO)


1. Barbara Sekudiewicz (POL)


Tomáš Císař (CZE) - Backside 270 to Fakie

Filmed by Juraj Lovás and Michal Stiksa

Edited by Michal Stiksa

Song: Action Bronson - City Boy Blues (Feat. Chauncy Sherod)