The third chapter of RAD Movie Production's new film, Circum Volution, is all about beating the mean streets of Swizzleland...

Ain't no business like street business! It was a thug season to find good street spots in the area. So the crew was hustling hard to get those shots on the concrete.

Even though there aren't many street spots in Switzerland and didn't have much snow in the towns last year, we managed to produce a street section for our movie project.

Yo betta check out that vid and get more of that RAD flavoooor!


William Arnold, Yannick Imboden, Pierre Clivaz, Jonas Zbinden, Roberto Zumstein, Ariana Bellwald, Tim Basler, Markus Stoffel, Valentin Zimmermann, Matthias Schwestermann, Jannick Jungo and Friends