More footage has come out from Rockstar's season ender shoot at Grand Targhee in 2014. Now we're not entirely sure what they've been doing with the footage for this long, but maybe the memory stick got lost in someones jeans for 12 months. We once went to a McDonalds for a meal after the shoot and were looking at the footage and one of the memory cards almost got cleared away by a table cleaner. She must have been a skier.

Anyway, we digress. The matter at hand is the riding abilities of Christy Prior, Spencer O'Brien and Possum Torr, which are fairly damn good if you ask us.

Now that Possum's put Tinder down for more than 20 minutes, we get the opportunity to see her ride for the first time in a while which is really sick. There's more pokes in that backside 360 at 00:10 than a pre-pubescent love affair on Facebook.

We also get to see Chrizzy P's infamous lipslide 270 out that tickles us nicely in the trouser department. If you're looking for a style icon when it comes to lipslides, y'all gonna need to get in on Chrizzy P.

Of course there's a healthy serving of Spenny OB's signature airborne style. Cab 540 off the toes might well be one of the best in the game.