Apart from summing on most snowboarders in the world with that title, Måns Hedberg has some skills on a snowboard doesn't he?

Kläppen is Sweden's best snowpark, and the garden for all of Sweden's blossoming snowboard talent. With the dye barely off the knuckles of the jumps after last weeks Swedish Championships - Måns has come back and hit us squarely in the chops with some tricks more confusing than an Ikea wardrobe.

One of the things we love about watching Måns ride is he does that thing where he holds his body position coming off the rail. If you fast forward to 18 seconds in or so, you'll get what we mean...style for days.

Måns is joined by Abbe Hjellström, who you might have seen in the FAT & FURIOUS webisodes that've been dropping all season. As ever, Abbe doesn't need a man after midnight and holds his own on the icy descents of Kläppen.