Two of the strongest prospects hailing from the UK, have just released this sumptuous edit to sink your teeth into. There are more wildcats in this edit than your average zoo, with the added bonus of only being two minutes long. And that you don't have to walk through the reptile section, which as well all know, is the most boring bit of a zoo.

Rowan Coultas, is on an absolute belter at the moment, with a trophy cabinet the size of Narnia to haul around with him. The shredatron 3000 had a healthy portion of top ten results from O'Neill Pleasure Jam, Nanshan Open and Austrian Shred Masters to tuck into.

Matt McCormick, who is the younger member of the McCormick clan, has been perfecting his technique with fellow British riders in Breckenridge this season. The cheeky wee blighter even managed to get a rip on the Dew Tour course after coming across a bib.