What's better than the cat in the hat? Thugs in rugs. Brethren Apparel's properly pan-euro crew pooled their footy from last winter together the make a banging five minute mash up. Seriously, no filler, just straight killa.

Gore-Tex whut? Not when you have BA's latest riding hoody, seen here on British, French, Aussie and Italian shoulders to name a few. And as well as the international squad there's a huge variety of terrain on offer - park, pow, urban and glacier.

Shouts to Corey Copeland, Thibaut Roux Moullard, Pig, Riko Rinnekingas, Max Wittrick, Jake Binnee, Lewis Sonvico, Julien Andro, Kam Henriet, Frankie Melgund, Yohan Bandet, Sam Bernard, Julien Di Cara, Charles McConnell and Aleix Calderon Sanchez for making it happen, as well as main man Chris Kyte for stringing it together!