Zillertal boyz Werni Stock, Tom Klocker, Tom Tramnitz and Mario Wanger racked up some serious powder miles last season. Get a face full of faceshots in the first real episode of 2018's series of Boyz N Toyz right here...

A few years back a host of riders - no doubt prompted by the success of Torstein Horgmo, the Helgasons and a couple of other notable early adopters - took it upon themselves to bring a filmer into their crew and start pumping out web series.

Today, there aren't so many left. Whether it's down to the ever increasing digital noise, other channels becoming more important, the dwindling budgets or something else entirely, if you compare 2018 to four years ago there certainly aren't as many 'webisodes' kicking around as there were.

One crew who are still on it are the Zillertal-based Boyz N Toyz crew. These boys, a fluid crew centred around a backbone of Wanger and Klocker, have been pumping out episodes - and occasionally full movies - since 2013. Unlike a lot of the other webisodes back then, who tended to focus on their park- and contest boarding exploits, the Boyz N Toyz guys have been predominantly about pow. And this has definitely worked in their favour.

And this first 'real' episode from the 2018 winter (they did drop a Penken Park edit a couple weeks back) is all about that cherry cherry. So hit play, sit back and enjoy some roosters, faceshots and powder stomps from

This is the first real episode from Boyz N Toyz 2018! Mostly spent time in Zillertal arena filming the deepest powder with Werni Stock, Tom Klocker, Tom Tramnitz and Mario Wanger! So have fun watching and get stoked on snowboarding! Thanks everyone making this happen!

G-SHOCK : Felix, Alex

Bonfire : Katha, Jenna

Level : Max

Head : Max

Arbor, Amplifi : Jens, Chris

Zillertal Arena : Heike

Edit & Camera:

Lukas Riedl / www.luckyreel.eu

Additional Cinematography:

Julian Pintarelli

Moritz Richard

Huge Thanks you for the Song:

"Own my own" by Drunken Masters feat. Mothica

Stream and Download here: https://fanlink.to/onmyown