The Blue Tomato team is stacked - and way back in June they got together at Dachstein glacier for summer park laps and threw down!

Pure skills are on show from the whole lot here - with Gasser and Rumiha giving a slick rail demonstration, before riders like Dominik Wagner come in to clean up on the jumps too. Enjoy!

In June 2015, the Blue Tomato Snowboard Team gathered for a sun-blazing weekend of summer shred fun at the Dachstein glacier!

The Blue Tomato teamriders Anna Gasser, Ana Rumiha, Dominik Wagner, Clemens Millauer, Mario K├Ąppeli, Mitja Kodric and Viktor Szigeti were joined by Blue Tomato Shop Vienna teamrider Rudi Janda and the Blue Tomato Shop Villach team lead by Friedl Kolar: Felix Widnig, Noah Gasperi, Max Joch and Robin Maier for an awesome weekend of shred- and sideactivity fun near Blue Tomato's headquarter in Schladming.

Three perfect sunny summer shred days at the Superpark Dachstein provided for fun on all obstacles, be them rails, kickers, the hip or handshoveled sidehits in and outside the park!

Thanks to the awesome accomodation at the aQi Hotel Schladming and support from QParks and Superpark Dachstein!

Music in order of appearance:

Easy by D.R.U.G.S beats

Your name is Taiwan by Zengineers

Negro Spirtual by D.R.U.G.S beats