This Norwegian crew of 'semi-geriatric' snowboarders have an outdoors shop within which they run a DIY powsurf-building workshop. And on their hand-crafted powsufers, they headed out to rip the cherry cherry and fired out this edit. Banger!

We have seen snowskate/powsurf growing among elderly, semi-geriatric snowboarders up here in Norway. Our own Terje being one of the frontmen of this #bindinglaus movement. The newfound feeling of progression a fat and aging snowboarder feel when turning without bindings is refreshing considering the constant, inevitable regression he/she experiences on a regular snowboard.

We are a small outdoor shop (with a leaning towards snowboarding) in Oslo who do our own DIY Powsurf-building workshops in our adjacent gallery/project-space. Our friend and mentor in the field of powsurf, Isaac Manning and his friends, have made an edit from a powsurf-trip on their home made boards.

It's worth checking out.

It is indeed. Long may the bindingless revolution continue!