The last BangingBees session of the year went down with gusto, the mini pipe was more decorated than French bar toilet on a Friday night with jibs at every section of the coping. Local crews showed up to test the offering and get down with the flow in the park. Always good times with the BangingBees.

For our last BangingBees session of the season we teamed up with Rip Curl and Val d’Isère Snowpark to build a mini pipe with jibs on the coping. We already did a similar event 2 years ago but the shape of the pipe was much better this year. The locals from the crew Minority and the neighbors from Les Arcs came, so did the Weekly Move$ and Matière Blanche from our BangingBees entourage. Mister Niels Schack was also here after a 3 months trip for his new video project and he let his incredible flow talk on the park. Even if the weather wasn’t really good and the lift of the park was often broken, we were pleased with this dope snowboard journey and we celebrated with a good party at Val d’Isère famous club La Doudoune.

Riders : Antoine Baduel, Niels Schack, Justin Dutilh, Pierre Scafidi, Théo Duparc, Yrwan Garcia-Léal, Tristan Hamel, Thomas Chassagne

Partners :

Rip Curl

Val d’Isère Snowpark

Ride Snowboards


Doudoune Club

Sur La Montagne

Editing : Lionel Simon

Filming : Lionel Simon, Matière Blanche, Julien Mounier