A setup with small benches, you say? Wouldn't that be a little dull? Oh no, my friend. You're wrong there.

Some mind-melting technical minishred creativity went down in Oslo at Bench Heaven 2017. After three days of invite-only filming on some of the Norwegian capital's most iconic benches, a host of Norway's finest mixed with a bunch of talented locals and attacked the Vinterpark public event, where things went straight bananas.

The Bench. A beautiful, naturally occurring global phenomenon. Recently, a group of friends new and old gathered in Oslo, Norway to celebrate this wonder of the modern world. It was just like heaven... Bench Heaven.

The event started with a three day invite-only film session on existing benches in and around the streets of Oslo. The last day was the public event, Bench Heaven, at Oslo Vinterpark that allowed the local kids to hang out and ride with the invited pro riders. The three hour long jam went off as you can see in this video.

Thanks to Dinosaurs Will Die, Adidas Snowboarding, Snowboy Productions, Oslo Vinterpark, Bourbon Rails and Fredrik Perry for making this event possible.

Also thanks to Brekka Design and Johan Selmar for providing the amazing trophies.

The winners:

God Of Bench Heaven: Len Roald Jørgensen

Best Trick: Håvard Roald

Best Style: Mats Tambini

Bench Angel: Maria Hilde

Most Ripped Rider: Jonas Steen

Film: Martin Strøm

Edit: Fredrik Perry