A few weeks ago, Instagram was aflame with the ridiculously long round-bar being built at Superpark Dachstein, and now we finally get to see it in all it's cinematic glory.

The Nitro team consisting of Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner, Ana Rumiha, Žiga Rakovec, Benni Urban and Basti Rittig; all flocked to the Austrian outpost of spring riding last month, to take another attempt on the world record.

With the first incarnation of the rail not working especially well, reportedly melting the bases of their boards due to friction, the second attempt on the title had a few tweaks to it. The park crew had brought out their spirit levels and laser angles to ensure the rail was a little steeper and and had less kinks than the last version.

With the first session taking 3 days before they realised that the attempt wasn't going to be smashed quicker than Usain Bolt gets through some McNuggets, they had probably settled in for the long haul, but then Basti stepped up and 50-50'd 84m into the record books.

Whilst we doubt we'll see anything near this length for any other reason apart from this, could be an interesting discipline to see in the future. Fuck it, we reckon they could save a lot of money on the X Games by just having one really long rail.