Looks as though the BangingBees crew had a ripping good time at the Vans Hi-Standard over in Chamrousse a couple of weeks back. We just stumbled upon their camera mashup edit featuring all the dudes in qualis, a mini pipe mega session and the golden hour final rounds. Bangin' VX1000 footage too!

The french stop of the Vans Hi-Standard happened in Chamrousse on the 20th February. We saw a lot of good rippers, including some french riders and the Vans Euro team. Here is a little sum up of the day, including some qualifier highlights, a little unshaped pipe interlude and the final VX 1000 style.

Filming : Théo Duparc, Alexis De Tarade, Julien Mounier

Editing : Théo Duparc

Riders in order of appearence : Bruno Rivoire, Will Smith, Nathan Benichou, Matteo Cuny, Nico Palladio, Lucas Poullet, Rowan Coultas, Dusan Kriz, Kevin Trammer, Sully Monod, Félix Carlier, Ben Thomas-Javid, Lucas Baume, Alexis De Tarade, Pierre Scafidi, Joe Simpson, Anthony Berland, Juan Cachat, Olivier Gittler, Cees Wille