After our brief Southern Hemisphere interlude, we're back on the continent in good ol' Les Deux Alpes.

The LDA summer park is one of the more expansive glacier parks out there, and also one of the funnest to ride, although it's so busy it does feel like you're riding with half of Europe.

Home to one of the few remaining superpipes on the continent, you pretty much have it all in LDA, and once you're done with riding, you boost it back down the valley for some demi-pĂȘches and a swim, Lovely stuff.

This edit from the BangingBees familia is a good swathe of French talent featuring Niels Schack, Antoine Baduel, Anthony Brotto, Pierre Scafidi, Victor Daviet, Thomas Delfino, Kas Lemmens, Johann Baisamy, Lucas Poullet, Arthur Ney, Joe Simpson and Ulrich Moller.

Niels is absolutely firing it into those rails, always rad to see someone attacking the rails, rather than meandering in at snails pace, and Thomas Delfino's on that Kazu styled lip attack on the pipe at 01:28 and it's the bomb.

Not entirely sure what the shoes cutting is about, or why someones looks like they're trying to grow a croc tree, but thankfully they were setting it on fire which is the only suitable course of action.