Nowamean crew put a lot of hard work into their new movie 'Bangarang' and it would be a shame not to release their crash section. So here we go!

By this time you’ve seen Dillon Ojo’s Bangarang FULL PART, and Phil Tardif and Nic Marcoux’s hammers that dropped some time ago so you know what we're dealing with here. Those tricks are not for free!

Word from the boys: 'You think guys are landing every shit first try. Haha hell no !! There's a lot of blood and pain in all the shots !!'

Featuring in order, Russell Beardsley, Thomas Gagner, Alex Gogo, Emile Veilleux, Jo Truchon, Jonat St-Marie, Vincent Roy, LP Dorval, Jesmond Dubeau, Fred Lacroix, Max Verville, Axel Theoret, Alexis Mailhot, Nic Marcoux, Phil Tardif, Cameron Hill, Dillon Ojo and Gab Belanger.