This latest edit from Folgefonna could also be titled Crappy Weather x Insane Riding!

Although the weather was shit, the riding was insane! Thank you to all the people who showed up, you killed it!

Huge thanks to Dinosaurs Will Die, Airblaster, Gnarly, Fix Bindings, Crab Crab, Good Vibes Vintage, Chris Baldry and of course Fonna for making this possible!


1. Markus Rustad

2. Birkir Georgsson

3. Fridtjof Tischendorf

Best trick: Simon Houlind

Best chick: Hrund Hanna Hansdóttir Þór

Best kid: Petter Karoliussen

Filming by Stian Karlsen and Sigurd Lindquist.

Edited by Stian Karlsen.