The Mushroom Crew have been killing it so far this summer (if you haven’t already, check out their Fridays At Fonna web series), but this week they teamed up with the Bad Plans crew to give us another taste of sweet summer magic from the Norwegian glacier.

“Now it begins" says Eirik Nesse, as the orthodox crash-reel opens the edit of the third annual Fonna Rail Jam.

Yup, you heard right, we’re talking about Fonna again (it’s been a whole two weeks since we last mentioned it, give us a break!). It’s not quite the bluebird skies we’re used to from this summer hot spot, but even with a bit of bad weather, the riders came out en mass to shred.

The teaming up of Bad Plans x Mushroom Crew - two of the most reliably sick shred crews out of Scandinavia - make this rail jam a little bit more tasty than your average bunch of chumps willing to huck themselves into the unknown for the glory denoted by an ever-so-seductive fist bump. No, this edit is more than that. You even get to see a backside boardside WHILE holding a beer.

In all seriousness, there’s a lot of good stuff that’s going on here. You’ve got a tasty gorilla grab to boardslide, smooth presses, and a nail-biting zeach down a kink rail (check it out – 2.39). Plus, you can tell these guys aren’t taking themselves too seriously. It’s a bunch of mates having a blast on some rails and it’s great to see.

Interestingly, from a fashion perspective, there’s a jarring pair of trousers that look like they’ve been cut out of your mum’s first sofa. Hey, you might think that's weird, but you'll probably be wearing a pair in a couple seasons...


  • 1. Eirik Nesse
  • 2. Håvard Roald
  • 3. Aleksander Klerud
  • Best Chick: Dina Treland Nesse
  • Surprise Rider of the Day: Mr. Shades

Filming by Sigurd Vaagland, Stian Karlsen and Håkon Haslum

Edit by Sigurd Vaagland

Music by Torbjørn Frisnes