It seems like everyone wants a slice of the cake that is Golparken. The park is looking better and better every time we get a look! It's no wonder the Bad Plans crew took a trip there to get in on the action. Straight up, this smooth and technical rail riding, every trick is heavy.

Due to lack of snow in our hometown we had to escape to Gol for a week and visit the big homie Stian Karlsen. With a tiny budget and some help from Håvard Roald and Håkon Haslum, Karlsen has been working his ass off to create the one of the best parks in Norway. Thank you Karlsen for making the boys feel at home every time we visit!

Riders: Sigurd Lindquist, Andreas Grong, Tormod Gregussen, Stian Karlsen, Håvard Roald, Håkon Haslum & Kristoffer Lerånd

Edit: Andreas Grong

Filming: Everyone