Mad, bad and dangerous to know - Bad Plans coming to you straight outta Fonna. The Bad Plans edit from Kläppen, was a solid bit of snowboarding and now the BP posse have backed it up with this belter from Folgefonna.

Featuring Andreas Grong, Sigurd Lindquist, Tormod Gregussen, Sindre Cottis, Jessi Blackwell, Kristoffer Lerånd, Stian Karlsen, Joakim Boldo and Ole Christian Hagen, they manage to give the full Fonna set-up a good going over.

Sigurd's immensely casual frontside 360 at 0:56 in is a jaw dropper of a trick. Doesn't need to be done super tech to be a highlight, that fs3 is executed with the nonchalance of Maximilien Robespierre.

There's a plethora of stunts to make shivers run up your spine in this edit, so just give it a watch eh?