The YES Snowboards team stepped out into their backyards last winter. And what they scored was ALL TIME. Check Austen Sweetin, DCP, Romain De Marchi and more stomp YES all over the pow, streets and parks of their local hoods...

YES. Snowboards - set up by legendary rippers DCP, Romain De Marchi and JP Solberg when Burton called time on their feted Un.Inc program - has, from day 1, always had a heavily stacked team. With those three at the spearhead the brand was always going to be carrying some serious weight, but they quickly added to the core trio with some new blood to make the roster more well-rounded.

To get their name out there the boys have been no slouches in the movie-making department, having quickly pumped out the memorable YES. It's A Movie and its sequel - the amusingly titled YES. It's A Movie Too - in quick succession. Since then they've been regularly feeding the YES Snowboards Vimeo account with all manner of YES Missions, webisodes, individual parts from the team and its ambassadors (JF Pelchat's is a must watch for riders of any vintage), and product spotlights.

But for 2017, they decided it was time to gather the whole crew together and flex the muscles of the team in one, all-conquering edit - Our Backyard is the result.


For a brand associated with a history of backcountry charging, it's no surprise when they headed to their backyards they sniffed out epic powder - DCP, Romain and JP cemented their names attacking such terrain, and the new crew with names like Austen Sweetin, Helen Schettini and Ryan Tiene ably continue to carry this torch - but there's also some solid park and street jibbing, too, to make this a well-rounded affair.

For us, as great as the riding of the newer YES riders is in this (Sweetin's butter... mmmm), it's equally rad to see the original bosses still out there sending it, despite being on the 'right' side of 30. The three OG YES amigos all stomp some serious hits in Our Backyard and show no sign of wanting to hang up their spurs any time soon.

So grab a brew, hit Play and prepare to say Yes! to YES.

Riders: Austen Sweetin, Justin Mulford, Colin Spencer, Benji Ritchie, Madison Ellsworth, Helen Schettini, Mark Tremblay, Romain De Marchi, JP Solberg, Red Dog, Ryan Tiene, DCP

Sponsors: Gibbons Apres Lager, Whistler Backcomb, Globe Brand