Alex Tank and his Atagge crew are back again for an onslaught of shredding that's been well and truly dipped in the tank marked 'extra special cool audio-visual aesthetic sauce'...

The boys undertook something of a road trip back in March, hitting up a selection of stellar street spots, shralping Swiss pow and slush, before finishing off by jumping on buildings. Oh, and there's some credits-section Nordkette lapping too.

Hit play and get taken on a pan-European ghost ride...

A collaboration video with Adidas Snowboarding shot on a road trip through Europe in March 2017.

directed by Alex Tank

artwork by Fabian F. Fuchs

featuring: Alex Tank, Gido, Christoph Schwarz, Dominik Wagner, Max Buri, Christian Haller, James Niederberger, Gabriele Torriani, Simon Gschaider, Raffael Kossmann

filmed by Alex Pfeffer, Elmar Bossard and Philipp Romppel