A crew of Volcom Euro rippers - including Arthur Longo, Torgeir Bergrem, Olivier Gittler, Flo Corzelius and a host of others - descended on Les 2 Alpes the other week for several sessions of summer mayhem. Shit. Looks. So. Fun.

In case you didn't get the memo, summerboarding is one of the best things you can do, ever. We recently penned an ode to riding at this time of year in our 11 Reasons Why You Should Go Snowboarding in the Summer piece, and it seems the V. Stoners took note – either that or they're just smart and know this snowboard game pretty good. Probably the latter.

So Volcom TM dragged his motley crew from the beaches of SW France, loaded them in a van and struck out for Arthur Longo's home town of Les 2 Alpes, which has been seeing some heavy slush shralping this summer. The result? Goodtimes for days...

"Life isn’t always better in board shorts... If you’re a snowboarder you gotta put on your snow pants at least ONCE every summer to truly feel alive. (Unless you’re a Viking from Norway, like Torgeir Bergrem. Then you’ll ride in shorts at 3600metres above sea level)

And this is exactly what a fine handful of the Volcom Euro team did last week. We raced all the way from the beaches of Hossegor to the glacier of Les 2 Alpes, 900km away, thinking we’d be smart & escaping the heat, only to be greeted by +42 degrees in Grenoble. Madness."