Arbor present a special edition of their Parallel Parking series: Parallel Super Parking at Superpark 18! (We like what they did there...).

A whole bunch of brands have dropped their own Superpark edits, but this one from Arbor is easily one of the best so far.

Scotty Vine, Brandon Hammid, Curtis Woodman, Sammy Spiteri, Sean Whitaker, Yuma Abe, Erik Leon, and more rocked up to stamp their particular creative styles on the assortment of features and we're treated to some amazingly diverse snowboarding in this edit.

From Curtis Woodman's surfy style to Yuma Abe's massive 50-50 front 630 stepdown, to Scotty Vine's triple rail line, Arbor have got all bases covered and there are some definite bangers here.