Watch what UK ballers Angus Leith and Sparrow Knox got up to when they hit up Mayrhofen's Penken park back in December.

There's nothing like sifting through files on your laptop, only to discover some gems that were forgotten about when the winter season was going full speed ahead. Angus Leith unearthed some footage from a trip to Mayrhofen last season with Sparrow Knox and polished it up with a super weird song into this little nugget of awesomeness.

We went to Mayrhofen in December and had a rad week. forgot about the footage until I seen it earlier. So decided to throw this rough edit together with some strange music...

Hit play to watch the pair of them send it on the kickers and rails that litter the Mayrhofen park. Both lads have got some solid tricks that they seem to just whip out of the bag like they ain't no thang.

Sparrow Knox went on a couple trips with the Taco Trip crew out in Sweden last winter so look out for him in their upcoming movie 'Buffet'. Plus, both dudes shot with UK snowboard outfit Grindhouse, so be sure to catch their new one 'Hallucinate' too.