The Bulgarian Airblaster crew got together for a day lapping the Osogovo park and shit was lit!

We're hyped on people who can do a lot with just a little - it's one of the reasons we've always been stoked on what guys like the Yawgoons, Snowpark Grasgehren and, most recently, the Bench Heaven session in Oslo have pumped out.

The Bulgarian Ninja Squad crew share a similar mindset and have been been dropping rad edits for a while. And on a bluebird day they corralled the Bulgarian Airblaster team into Osogovo's park for a day of creative hotlapping the resorts jibs, jumps and more.

A day in the Osogovo park with Anastasia Sunkov, Kamen Petrov, Dimo Gazeto and Dimo Petkov. Presented by Airblaster.