Ettala, Swoboda, Kerkelä, Zebe... A whole bunch of Euro bosses holed up at the epic Absolut Park in Flachauwinkl at the end of last season, and the resulting video is pure GOLD.

Shutting down a rapidly wilting part in slushy springtime always offers up some more creative riding options for imaginative riders to cut loose on, and that's exactly the case here as an all-star cast of rippers dodge patches and chains in Flachauwinkl.

The riding is on point as you'd expect from this crew, and we also have to give a hat tip to Alex Pfeffer for not only capturing the action and the vibe of the sessions perfectly, but for also weaving in both Heart and Stevie Wonder into one snowboard edit. Wallop!

Absolut Isolation by Alex Pfeffer.

Featuring: Dominik Wagner, Marc Swoboda, Eero Ettala, Simon Gschaider, Toni Kerkela, Basti Rittig & Max Zebe.