One of the greatest movie companies in snowboarding history hit up one of the greatest park set-ups in snowboarding history. The result, as Mercury might have said, is "a kind of magic..."

'Lines for days' is something you often hear in snowboarding, when you're in a park that offers up a bunch of different ways you can shred your way through it or on a face with a glut of features just begging to be hit. But at no point was it more on point than when Snowboy Productions and the Lib Tech crew pitched up at Mt Hood for this past season's edition of the Holy Bowly.

Over the years, the Holy Bowly has been experimenting with increasingly imaginative transition set-ups as they've shifted location each edition. When they unveiled the first park in Japan we were floored and thought things couldn't get any better, but each year since they've reliably blown minds with the evolution of snow shapes they've been crafting.

And the Hood edition was the craziest yet. The wealth of slashable, sendable banks, bowls, blobs, boobies and bends Krush and his shapers dreamed up was a sight to behold, and was duly set upon by a swarm of the planet's creative-minded snowboarders.

One of the crews who rolled through was Absinthe Films, who have just released the edit of their goodtimes there. Not only did their riders Hans Mindnich, Aspen Weaver, Jed Sky and Demetri Bales get busy in the park, they also jibbed the shit out of Melvin the Beer Bus...

The Absinthe crew went down to Timberline OR for the Holy Bowly gathering last month and here's a little taste of what went down.

Featuring Hans Mindnich, Aspen Weaver, Jed Sky and Demetri Bales.

Shot by Shane Charlebois, Ryan Finder and Justin Hostynek

Edited by Ryan Finder

Music by Brandon Cocard

Thumbnail image of Hans and Ryan by Ben Shanks Kindlon