Pretty sick, this. You might remember a while back we posted Burn's promo of their team of Gigi Rüf, Arthur Longo, Ståle Sandbech and co. night shredding and getting set on fire. Twas tasty. Now they've released the 'making of', which is an interesting look at what was involved in the shoot - in brief it's night, Gigi's uncle's cabin, a pyromaniac and lots of tech camera shizzle.

If you're wondering how it turned out, well here you go...

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And here's their chatter about the project...

Last December, Gigi Rüf hosted our film crew at his uncle's mountain retreat to film 'Alive', one of the most ambitious short snowboard films yet made: a backcountry powder sequence filmed entirely at night.

The logistics of installing movie-set lighting on the side of a mountain were… challenging. Gigi described it as "the biggest film crew I've ever worked with"… While Gaffer Martin Niklas said it was "the smallest crew possible and the toughest job" of his career.

Here's a behind-the-scenes insight into making Alive.