Our flatlanded friends at Postland have just dropped their second movie. Knowing that cats and the internet go together like vodka and the energy drink of your choice, they've wisely dubbed their film Catscratch. It's full of legit shredding, so go check it now. Nice job, Tim Schiphorst!

Catscratch is our second movie since the dawn of the theory, presented by Shaped Snowboarding and Monster Energy.

Cats are hip right now but bigger brother the Lynx fucked up the main trip of our season, hence the title and the reason we leave this trend behind us right now. Bas Elhorst, Cees Wille, Gerben Verweij, Irian van Helfteren, Joey van Essen, Kas Lemmens, Kevin de Haan, Luc B├╝thker and Wessel van Lierop still menaged to pull off great snowboarding and laughter in our remaining winter.

We couldn't do it without: Arbor, Bataleon, Forum, Signal, Taste and theMustachio.