The Flatlanders jump in ahead of the curve with one of the first teasers to drop for next season's movies. Dudes like Cees Wille, Joey van Essen and Wessel van Lierop unleash the cat big time. Check it.

Here's what they're sating: Post is proud to announce Catscratch Country, our second film since the dawn of the theory. Momentum left scars on our retina's and this cat is here to scratch these scars open again.

The full movie will be released in September, but until then keep watching our spoiler alerts to find out what we're up to. Featuring: Cees Wille, tanning Verweij, Joey van Essen, Kas Lemmens, Kevin de Haan, Wessel van Lierop. Presented by Shaped Snowboarding and Monster Energy. Arbor, Bataleon, Forum, signaling, key theMustachio.