Are you familiar with the Car Danchi movies from Japan? Well, there is this group of riders who live in their cars and shred as much powder as they can. Neil Hartmann, a guy who our photo ed met a decade ago, is the mastermind behind these movies. Oh, and they're batshit crazy.

The long awaited return of the Car Danchi series is finally here with the release of Car Danchi NO.5 Set for a September 9th 2011 release here in Japan.

"Keep your engines running, we are keeping the dream alive! The ultimate snowboarding lifestyle powder movie is back, after a two year recharge! In this year 2011 even natural disasters and nuclear meltdowns could not stop this crew of determined dreamers. We drove, found and filmed the best powder spots in Japan, and we want to share it with you. A snowboard movie like no other, showcasing the "Art of the turn" in glorious powder definition, enjoy 50 minutes of winter bliss, and keep on dreaming!

Featuring the music of:

Hiroshi Fujiwara

Higashida Tomohiro

Kuniyuki Takahashi

DJ Sebastien aka Seboo




Pampas Field Ass Kickers

The Car Danchi residents:

Haruki Takeuchi (6 years old)

Hassy (Pro skater and Snowboarder)

Hayato Doi (Shark Boy)

Hideki Takeda (T-Tune/Tune master)

Hiroshi Fujiwara (World Famous Producer)

Katsushi Matsui (Mr. No Matter Board)

Kazushi Yamauchi (Yoga Master)

Ken Shibuya (Cowbell Boy)

Masanori Takeuchi (Cat Boarding Master)

Motoki Shimomura (Legend Pro Skier)

Shinya Nakagawa (Multi Mountain Guide)

Shunsuke Hoshino (Mr. Tail Guide)

Takaharu Nakai (Olympic Athlete)

Takaku Tomoki (Powder Guide)

Takamasa Imai (Buttobi Boy)

Yoshinari Uemura (Burton Veteran)

Yuusuke Mino (Actor/Rider)

Yuta Kiyohara (New Face)

Yuta Kobayashi (Koiya)

Yuu Nishiyama (From Kyoto)

Deka-Cho (Artist/Rider)

R.I.P (Photographer)

& Terje (The Legend)