Another week, another 3-trick teaser from the Awesome folk at CAPiTA Snowboards for their upcoming team movie, Defenders of Awesome. This time it's Cale Zima on the case and hot damn that is one big ollie. MLB would be proud...

You'll no doubt know Cale and his street-specific shred skills from the last few Absinthe movies. In fact, for more dirt on this boy check out Absinthe's awesome Flipside series from last winter, specifically the Flipside episode when the crew got busy in SLC. This past season Cale devoted his considerable energies to filming for CAPiTA's Defenders of Awesome, and if this three-trick tease is anything to go by, he's gonna be continuing where he left off: tearing the urban environments of the world a new one.

They also seem to call him Kenny the Chimp. We don't know why, though it seems to fit.

Check it out.