On a slow news day, this footage of some likely lads getting kicked off a spot by a mentally unhinged 50-year-old is just priceless...

Sometimes when hitting urban spots us snowboarders get some heat off security guards/passersby/dogs/pikeys/etc. Usually it's a polite 'move along' or a more intense 'getthefuckouttahereiwillripyourheadoff', which is - of course - pure internet gold dust.

However, when this crew were sessioning a rail in Reno the dude who shows up to kick them out is just bizarre. You just have to watch this to see some of the stuff he comes out with... "You want to break a man? Always do it sexually."?

We're guessing when that dude said 'stay away from the brown acid' at Woodstock, this guy was out to lunch. Unhinged.