Part 1 of Burton's powder porno set in the deep white folds of Whistler. With riding from Jussi Oksanen, John Jackson, Mark Sollors and more, this will make that powder rash flare up.

"Massive, Volkswagen-sized pillows," says Sollors? Sign us up!

Snow was generally in short supply last year, except for a handful of places like Whistler. When it doesn't stop snowing for weeks at a time, Jussi Oksanen, John Jackson, Mikkel Bang, Mikey Rencz, Mark Sollors and Jeremy Jones had to stick to the trees because the avalanche danger and visibilty in the high alpine was so bad. What resulted was Part 1 of the deepest, most technical, and easily envied footage from last year. Even with just one watch, these images will replay in your mind over and over, so...sorry.