"I’m used to travelling for 10 months a year. Europe, USA, Japan, I chase the snow. As a professional snowboarder, I get to discover the best winter locations to film and compete but this season started wrong for me.

I got injured in October and my travel schedule went from flying around the globe to daily commute to rehab and gym. Seeing your friends going snowboarding while you’re stuck inside, it surely isn’t the coolest thing. Then my team manager called me up: Burton Snowboards was about to shoot the 2014 Spring/Summer catalogue in Puerto Rico, and they wanted me in. It was early January, you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that I was supposed to fly in two weeks. Of course I was in.

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Now I’m back since a few months but I still can’t explain how that week in Puerto Rico helped me out in so many ways. My motivation, my mental strength and my focus, everything went back in place at once. I want to thank the crew that was there with me for this shooting, I had an amazing adventure. Puerto Rico está pasao." Werni.

Werni Stock's Travel Journal: